Come join us for a Fun 3km walk through the Game Park.

This is the first of 4 walks - to feature the special species of Antelope we have in our Game Park.

All participants will receive a medal featuring one of the 4 Antelopes with each walk.

Join us for all 4 walks to collect all medals in the Antelope series.

There will be a Fun Halfway stop in the Park that will feature Food Stalls, Drinks and Coffee for sale.

The kids will be able to roast some Marshmallows around the Bonfire before continuing with the walk.


5 April, 1 May, 5 June & 3 July 2021


Animal World Game Park


8h00 – 11h00 / There will be 3 set off times: 1st set-off: 8h00, 2nd set-off: 9h00, 3rd set-off: 10h00


R60pp & Kids u/6: R30pp
Series Package: Purchase a ticket for all 4 walks and only pay R200 per adults and R100 per child under 6

Bookings: 016 982 8257


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