Roulette Mania

Roulette Mania

Every Tuesday & Sunday evening at 20:00

Rolling Progressive Jackpot starts at R10 000!

Tickets may be purchased at R30 per ticket from 16:00 to 19:30 at the Guest Relations Desk. R10 goes towards the Progressive Jackpot, R10 goes towards the Consolation Prize & R10 goes towards the Base Jackpot. Participants must choose 9 numbers; 0 - 36 & fill them in on their ticket. A number can only be used once on a ticket. After you have chosen your numbers they must be duplicated on the other half of your ticket. You keep one half and the GRO desk keeps the other half for verification.

At the Roulette table the wheel will spin 20 times. The first person to get all 9 of their selected numbers within 20 spins will win the progressive jackpot. The consolation prize will then carry over to the next Roulette Mania. If there is no winner for the progressive jackpot, the wheel will continue to spin until the first person to get all 9 of their numbers. This person will then win the consolation prize. The progressive jackpot will then will roll-over to the next Roulette Mania.


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