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Earn your way to Free Play and Fun Days Out

Fancy enjoying complimentary food and drinks, free gaming play, discounted fun days out and even free trips to Caesars casinos in the US or UK?

All these are possible when you join our much-coveted and FREE Emerald Rewards loyalty programme.

As a card-carrying member of Emerald Rewards, you will rack up Reward Points when playing a Casino game. The more you earn, the greater your spending status and the better your benefits.

Diamond and Gold cardholders also enjoy exclusive access to our opulent Privé Lounge with its regular entertainment, promotions, and cocktail events.

Emerald Rewards is also committed to providing you with safe and secure gaming entertainment.

As per legislation from 1 April 2019, any transaction (loading cash or cashing out) at any of our Cash Desk require valid identification (ID, Driver Licence, Passport). As an Emerald Rewards member we already have your details and this process will be seamless.

Sign up using our online form below or at the Emerald Rewards desk in the casino and you’ll get great returns on each visit.

1. Where do I get a card?

Visit the Emerald Rewards Desk at Emerald Resort & Casino.

2. How much will it cost me to get a card?

There is absolutely no cost for your first card. In the event that you lose your card, a replacement fee of up to R 20 or 200 points will be charged.

3. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Report your card lost or stolen at the Emerald Rewards Desk. You will be issued with a replacement card of the same status level and may be charged a replacement fee of R 20 or 200 Points.

4. Why do I need an ID book or passport when I sign up for a card or get a replacement card?

For the protection of your Points, it is essential that we have a valid ID for application or card replacement. This also helps us to ensure that only persons 18 years or older apply for a card, in line with Gaming legislation. A valid ID includes a South African ID book, South African drivers licence or, for international customers, a valid passport.

5. Can I use my card at all Caesars Entertainment properties?

No. You will be required to obtain a new card by visiting the Customer Service Desk at the respective property. Points earned cannot be carried over to your Emerald Rewards card.

6. Can I use my card to pay for my accommodation at Emerald Resort & Casino?

You are able to use your accumulated Points (if you have sufficient). The booking must be done through the Casino and not directly with the Reservations department.

7. How do I earn points on my Card?

You earn points by playing the Slot machines or Table games on the casino floor.

8. What can I do with my Points?

You can exchange your Points for FreePlay, for food and beverage (on the Casino floor or at High Stakes, Breeze and Ubuntu), for accommodation, for entrance to the Aquadome and Animal World and to purchase merchandise at the Rewards Store and KidZone. You will be required to exchange your Points for the required voucher at the Emerald Rewards Desk.

9. Will my Points expire?

Yes, your Points will be valid for 12 months from the date on which they were earned. To make the most of your Points, use them as FreePlay on your favourite Slots and Table games before they expire.

10. How will I know the value of and date of expiry of my Points?

Make sure that your contact details are up to date on our system. We will notify you of points expiring via SMS.

11. Does my patron number change when I replace my card or if I am upgraded to another status?

No, your patron number does not change from the time of signing up.

12. Where can I view my current Points balance?

Insert your card at any Slot machine and follow the prompts to view your balance. You can also enquire at the Emerald Rewards Desk.

13. Can I transfer my points to someone else?

Points are not transferrable. Points can only be earned or used by the person whose name appears on the card.

14. How can I move to the next status level?

All customers start on Emerald Green status when they sign up for the Rewards program. Once you have earned 20,000 Points, you will be notified to collect your Gold card. Earning 60,000 Points qualifies you for your Diamond card. Points earned over a rolling 12 month period are used to calculate your status level. Remember to always use your card when playing on the casino floor to accumulate Points.

15. How long will my status level be valid for?

Your Gold or Diamond cardholder status will be valid for a year from date of issue.

16. Why should I give permission to receive communication from Emerald Resort and Casino?

We would love to keep you up-to-date with all promotional offers that the casino and resort have available. This includes details of various accommodation as well as food and beverage specials. You will then be amongst the first to know about our great-value offers.





  1. Patrons must be at least 18 years of age to gamble and participate in the Emerald Rewards Programme.
  2. Membership and benefits are non-transferable.
  3. Positive identification is required when submitting an application for an Emerald Rewards card e.g. South African identity document, valid South African driver's licence or passport.
  4. Emerald reserves the right to approve application for Membership to the programme, as well as alter or cancel the programme at any time on reasonable notice.
  5. It is against Emerald Rewards policy for a Member to accrue Points by allowing other players to use his/her card. Any unauthorised and/or fraudulent usage of the card will result that your Emerald Rewards card and Membership will be cancelled and all privileges will be revoked with immediate effect.
  6. The benefits of the programme are intended for the use of the person who applied for Membership and whose Membership was accepted by Emerald (“the Member”).
  7. To generate points at a Slot machine, it is the Member's responsibility to ensure that his/her Emerald Rewards card is correctly inserted into the card reader and is functioning correctly. To generate points on Tables, the card must be handed to the inspector before play commences.
  8. Emerald is not responsible for lost, stolen or misused cards or the loss of points or benefits thereof.
  9. Each Member is responsible for selecting a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for his or her Emerald Rewards account. Each member must keep this PIN confidential and secure, and is responsible for any activity on his or her account when the account is accessed by using this PIN.
  10. Employees (and their immediate family members) of the Emerald are not eligible to participate.
  11. All Emerald Rewards Points earned and not used in a rolling 12 month period, will expire after the 12 month period.
  12. On redemption of Points, the Member is required to present his/her Emerald Rewards Card as well as positive proof of identity.
  13. The Emerald Rewards cardholder must be present and produce valid proof of identification to qualify for any additional rewards, discounts and benefits linked to the Rewards programme.
  14. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure participating outlets cashiers are handed their Emerald Rewards card as well as valid identification when settling a purchase, in order to qualify for relevant rewards.
  15. The Member is always required to notify Emerald of any change of address or personal details.Management of the Emerald reserves the right to adjust any Point balance resulting from machine/ reader malfunction, operating errors and/or fraud.
  16. Emerald reserves the right to adjust Emerald Rewards Point balances for the settlement of accommodation, accommodation no show Point penalties, food, beverages, merchandise, events or any other expense.
  17. In the event of a dispute regarding conditions of Membership, the decision of Emerald Casino management will be final and binding on the Emerald Reward Member.
  18. The Emerald Rewards card remains the property of Emerald. In the event of any outstanding monies owed to Emerald, the Emerald Rewards Membership will be suspended pending payment of the outstanding debt.
  19. Emerald reserves the right to deny application for membership or terminate Membership at any time in its sole discretion.
  20. If an Emerald Rewards Member is excluded from gambling, or his/her Membership revoked or cancelled for any reason whatsoever, all accumulated Points and privileges will be forfeited.
  21. In the event of death, all Points and benefits will be forfeited and are not transferable, nor do they form part of the deceased Member's estate.
  22. The use of any Points is subject thereto that the Member has sufficient points available, failing which Emerald reserves the right to refuse the Member to use his/her benefits.
  23. Emerald reserves the right to change, modify or alter any benefits with reasonable notice.
  24. The current benefits and discounts are set out in the attached list and is dependent upon the continuous agreement between Emerald and its Rewards Programme's partners and at all times subject to availability.
  25. Should the agreement between Emerald and its Rewards partner be cancelled for any reason whatsoever, or should the partner's facility or service not be available for any reason whatsoever, the Member will be obliged to redeem their Points in respect of another facility or service and the Member will not be entitled to insist to redeem their Points in respect of a particular service or facility.
  26. All lost cards will be replaced at a fee of R20 or 200 Points.

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We are excited to re- open our Casino after the temporary lockdown, we have put together a list of FAQ’S relating to the Emerald Rewards Programme.

Yes you do. Following regulations received from the Gauteng Gambling Board, no day cards will be available for sale.

Signing up onto the Rewards Program is free. All you need is positive identification in form of an Identity Book or Drivers License. Visit the Rewards Desk in the Casino to get your new card.

Your 2020 card status will be honored for the 2021 calendar year...