Team Building

Take your team on an inspirational adventure and help drive performance, leadership, and teamwork with our fun and interactive activities. Our in-house team will design your event or day out around the dynamics of the people in your business and your budget, ensuring you get the most value from every moment.

With a variety of activities on offer, ranging from crazy games like Tug of War, Hazardous Soccer, and Giant Kettie, to fun challenges like a mini Amazing Race, your team-building experience is certain to be a memorable one.

Choose from our variety of team-building adventures:

Corporate golf day
Indulgent spa treatments
Potjiekos competitions
Water sports
Bush braai
Clay pigeon shooting
Sunset river cruise
Laser games
Tug of War
Strength will be determined by the two teams pulling on a rope
Hazardous Soccer
Play a game of soccer with some obstacles in the playing area.
Hole in One
Hit a golf ball in an area designated for points
Giant Kettie
Shoot a ball with a giant kettie (slingshot) and catch with the basket
Touch Rugby
Play a fun-filled game of touch rugby without the rough stuff
Three-legged Race
Tie two legs together and run
Hula-hoop Race
Teams must use teamwork to race hoops from one side to the other
Hula Hoopla
Hula-hoops rolled skilfully along the ground, must fall around pegs
Blindfolded Line-up
Ask the group to close their eyes and keep them closed for the remainder of the game if they feel comfortable. You may also use blindfolds. In the bumpers position for protection, ask the group to mill around without talking. After 10-15 seconds, ask them to stop and put their hands down. Assign each person a number by tapping them on the shoulder and saying the number at the same time. Then tell them to line themselves up by number without talking or opening their eyes.
Hip Swing
Using your hips you must move a soccer ball
Kite Building
Build a kite that can fly with materials supplied

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